Comfort, the heart of the hill country

Many people think Comfort is just a small town next to I-10, and trust me; I thought this myself. I had stopped at the Love’s truck stop for gas and a restroom, and that’s it.
It took me years until I met someone from here, and this opened my eyes.
Comfort is the heart of the Hill Country, and this fact is very little known until now.

I made this page so more people will find out about this beautiful place that I now as well call my home. A home where I meet so many friendly and helpful people that I believe I am in dreamland.
In Comfort, you still can meet with people on the street and talk about this, and that without being afraid someone will run you over. Your neighbors are always looking out for you, and they will give you a helping hand no matter if you need to jump-start your car or just to watch your home when you are out of town.
We in Comfort welcome everyone no matter what your beliefs are and how you look like. This is one of the most open communities I have seen in a long time.

Of course, let me give you some ideas of the beautiful places I found.
Food for the Soul is just a beautiful little restaurant that always makes you feel welcome.
Just Chillin in Comfort is a small wine bar where you can always meet new and old friends.
This being said, check us out, and you will find new places while we work on our page.

We always have events listed, check it out