The Victorian Rose here in Comfort

The Victorian Rose is a small store hidden in an ally behind the barber shop and this makes it one of Comfort’s hidden jewels.
When you walk in, you will find gifts as well as food and a large cooled glass counter which holds all kinds of delicious chocolates. 
Some people come just for this chocolate or let Deborath send it to them.
Deborath the owner now has a new partnership with the Tin Can, a small woman owned business that makes Custard Ice Cream from scratch. 
Tin Can Custard was started two years ago with a tiny camping trailer and now has it’s new headquarter at the Victorian Rose right here in Comfort. 
We will post a video and pictures when we can see how they produce the Custard right here in Comfort.
Now what makes custard ice cream different? Custard has besides the normal three main ingredients of ice cream also a fourth one. It has egg yolk and with that more nutricens than normal ice cream. 
When I tested the Custard, I could tell you it was better than the usual ice cream you buy in the store, I had the mixed berries and it was great with frozen mixed berries and not some artificial colors or imitations you see in some commercial made ice cream. 
I for sure will be back to get more Custard Ice Cream and I hope you will go and try it as well. 

The new name of this store is Alley on High