Grape picking at Singing Water Vineyard

In order to make wine you need to harvest the grapes and get the juice out of them. 
Last Saturday Singing Water Vineyard invited volunteers to just do that. 
We had the chance to be there and took some pictures and videos of such great event, so stay with us and see how you make wine out of grapes. 

First someone has to cut the grape cluster of the vine. Don’t be shy with it, it all will become wine at one point. 

From the field to the press

Collect and move it to the truck standing by. 

Collect them all in a larger bin, since you want to do just one trip down to the press.

It’s time to remove the stems and crush the berries.  

Move them into the press. The rubber balloon in the middle can be pressurized with water and will squeeze the berries to get more juice out of them. 

Even without squeezing a lot of juice already drains and gets pumped into a larger holding tank.

When all berries are in the press, let’s close it up and use the water balloon to get all the juice out of it to make great wine from it. 

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the tank that will make the wine but that’s why you need to check them out yourself. 
Singing Water Vineyard is just ten minutes from Comfort, Texas and you can always email them for more information.