2022 is here and we will stay strong in Comfort, Texas.

2022 has arrived in Comfort, Texas, and tries to bring us down with Omicron right in January of the year.
We will stay Hill Country strong and beat Omicron the same way we beat Delta and all the other Covid variants that came and moved along. 
Comfort is open for business and we are ready to sweeten your stay with all the events we have.
We don’t let you down and give you the staycation, vacation and the night out you need after battling the days and week at work, in a stressed environment, and at a place that is urban and not made for enjoying yourself. 
We have nature, live music and small stores and venues to make this place your number one destination. 
So when you need a couple of days or even just a day from the big city, come to Comfort, just up I-10 from San Antonio. 

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