A New Perspective

With January halfway done and returning to Comfort from traveling in Germany for over four weeks, I have realized how much I treasure home. 

When we were in Germany, we seldom talked to people we saw. People kept to themselves. When we got home, we went to the Comfort backyard. They hosted a backyard bash and potluck to say goodbye to Hill Country Distillers. We chatted and socialized with people we knew and talked to many people we did not know. It made me appreciate how friendly everyone in Comfort is, and we missed that welcoming feeling in Germany. 

Comfort is a special place and a wonderful place to visit for a day or the weekend. An idea for a weekend getaway is staying at one of the many lodgings in Comfort. For dinner Friday night, you could make a reservation on Thursday Night at Food for the Soul for their superb steak dinner. You could also pick up a bottle of wine from one of our local wineries and go to Hotel Giles for their happy hour. On Saturday morning, start your day with a great cup of coffee from any coffee shop in town. Then enjoy the many shops on High Street and some shops not on High St, like Fiddlin’ Frogs, Salvaged Souls, and Turkey Ridge. You can eat lunch at our great eateries, like Flamingo Street. In the afternoon, grab a glass of wine from Hill Country Wineworks or Newsom Vineyards. Saturday nights, there is usually live music at different locations throughout town.

Comfort is a beautiful town you can fall in love with

Comfort has so much to offer, and it is worth visiting. To help you plan your visit, check out our website events page.