Welcome to our series dedicated to boosting local businesses in Comfort, Texas. Today, we shine a spotlight on The Cocky Rooster Bar and its dynamic owner, Wendy Jimenez.


The Cooky Rooster Bar

Meet Wendy Jimenez

Wendy was born in Houston but moved to Comfort during junior high. After high school, she spent a decade in Houston, trying out big city life. Realizing it wasn’t for her, she returned to Comfort and began working at The Hen House Cafe. When the bar behind The Hen House, The Cocky Rooster, needed new management after a year, Wendy stepped in and has been running it successfully for the past 15 years.


The Evolution of The Cocky Rooster

Initially, Wendy operated The Cocky Rooster in a rented space with a rustic style, which proved difficult to maintain. Now, in a larger, cleaner, and personally owned venue, she has transformed it into a welcoming spot for all.

During the COVID-19 shutdown, Wendy decided to make The Cocky Rooster a non-smoking bar after realizing the difficulties of maintaining cleanliness with smoke residue. So, for those who prefer a smoke-free environment, The Cocky Rooster is the perfect place to unwind.


Welcoming Atmosphere

Wendy’s clientele is mainly working-class individuals, but she invites everyone to join the fun—from groups taking a break, couples on a night out, to solo travelers needing a place to relax. The bar offers a range of non-alcoholic beverages, including non-alcoholic beers, tea, and mocktails, ensuring everyone can enjoy their time there.

Exciting Events Every Week

Wendy prides herself on hosting events every day except Sundays, which feature a $4 Bloody Mary special. Here’s the weekly lineup:

  • Monday: Dart tournament
  • Tuesday: Texas Hold’em poker
  • Wednesday: Cornhole tournament
  • Thursday: Texas Hold’em poker
  • Friday: Karaoke and live music (Classic Rock or Country)
  • Saturday: Trivia night
The bar area at the Cooky Rooster Bar

Delicious Bar Food

No need to leave the bar when hunger strikes—The Cocky Rooster serves pizza, egg rolls, and hot wings (with ranch dressing only!).


Community Spirit

Wendy’s husband, Daniel, couldn’t make it for our interview, but his support is evident. Wendy is known for her community spirit, often hosting benefit events, such as fundraisers for cancer treatment, and for showing her dedication to helping those in need.


Book Your Event

The Cocky Rooster is available for semi-private and private events, including weddings. Musicians looking to perform can contact Wendy via Facebook, as she’s quicker to respond there than via email.

Visit The Cocky Rooster for a great time, good company, and a welcoming atmosphere. Wendy and her team are ready to greet you with open arms.