A New Perspective

A New Perspective With January halfway done and returning to Comfort from traveling in Germany for over four weeks, I have realized how much I treasure home.  When we were in Germany, we seldom talked to people we saw. People kept to themselves. When we got home, we went to the Comfort backyard. They hosted […]

November in Comfort

November in Comfort, Texas November in Comfort is full of fun days. The weather is cooler, with events scattered throughout the month. It is a great time to visit this wonderful town. Comfort starts decorating for Christmas with decorations and twinkling lights. There are different events in town leading up to the biggest one, Christmas […]

4th of July 2022 in Comfort

The 4th of July 2022 The 4th of July 2022 is coming up and with that, we will have our own parade and more events like we have every year. The difference this year is that it’s actually on Monday the 4th of July 2022. Yes this is different from the usual Saturday before the 4th and […]

Fire season in Texas

The fire season in Texas is destructive as ever It is fire season in Texas and we already had dozens of brush fires here in the area. The DAS Goat fire was the largest with over 1000 acres on fire. The picture to the right is from that fire. We can only stop fires like this when […]

2022 is here and we will stay strong

2022 is here and we will stay strong in Comfort, Texas. 2022 has arrived in Comfort, Texas, and tries to bring us down with Omicron right in January of the year.We will stay Hill Country strong and beat Omicron the same way we beat Delta and all the other Covid variants that came and moved […]

Night Sky over Comfort Texas

Night Sky in Comfort When you live in the city, you look up into the night sky and might see the moon and nothing else; it’s just too bright. Here in the Hill Country, you look up, and you see all-stars and the milky way. You just want to lay down and look at them […]

An evening at Riven Rock Ranch

A Saturday evening at Riven Rock Ranch We had the chance to visit Riven Rock Ranch last Saturday. Riven Rock Ranch is an event center, restaurant and has several cottages for AirBnB. It is quite a beautiful place on top of a mountain and just ten minutes away from Comfort.When using Google Maps, it gives […]

Grape Harvest at Singing Water

Grape picking at Singing Water Vineyard In order to make wine you need to harvest the grapes and get the juice out of them. Last Saturday Singing Water Vineyard invited volunteers to just do that. We had the chance to be there and took some pictures and videos of such great event, so stay with us and […]

Wine education at Just Chillin and Daria

Wine ducation at Just Chillin Daria Kossowska with Misa Imports Inc came to Just Chillin in Comfort to do some wine education for their employees and us. So just check out another video made by Hill Country Photography at Just Chillin in Comfort. https://youtu.be/q020RYnMxAE Make sure you visit Just Chilin

The Victorian Rose

The Victorian Rose here in Comfort The Victorian Rose is a small store hidden in an ally behind the barber shop and this makes it one of Comfort’s hidden jewels.When you walk in, you will find gifts as well as food and a large cooled glass counter which holds all kinds of delicious chocolates. Some people […]