The Victorian Rose

The Victorian Rose is a small store hidden in an ally behind the barber shop and this makes it one of Comfort’s hidden jewels. When you walk in, you will find gifts as well as food and a large cooled glass counter which holds all kinds of delicious chocolates.  Some people come just for this […]

Comfort, the heart of the Hill Country

Many people think Comfort is just a small town next to I-10, and trust me; I thought this myself. I had stopped at the Love’s truck stop for gas and a restroom, and that’s it. It took me years until I met someone from here, and this opened my eyes. Comfort is the heart of […]

Hot Rod’s in Comfort

Just Chillin in Comfort is bringing Hot Rod’s to Comfort. In the past, there was an event in Boerne, but Comfort can do it better, so Just Chillin in Comfort made an event with Hot Rod’s in Comfort.Wade with Just Chillin in Comfort changed that and brings hot cars as well as live music to […]