Sponsorship with VisitComfort.US

VisitComfort.US started as a private initiative to promote this town due to lacking alternatives. We are now at a point where we spend hundreds of hours of working time and several hundreds of dollars in tools to make this website run smoothly.
In order to promote this town and all it’s businesses we are asking businesses to step up and become a sponsor with us.

Free listing for all

Price: Free

We list all businesses in the Comfort area for free with a free listing and pictures we took.

  • We might mention your business in Facebook postings
  • We might post your event on our calendar.
  • We will update your listing when made aware of changes.

Become an advertising star in the community

Price: $300 per year

Become an advertising star and help us to get visitors from all over Texas and the world. 

  • Have your events listed on our event calendar and on Facebook.
  • Have your own page on this website and regular updates on it. 
  • Have a banner on the front page to your listing or website