Who is behind Visit Comfort?

You are probably wondering who is running this website or who is paying for it, and here are all the answers you are looking for.
The website is paid for and developed by Hill Country Photography.  

Since this is a private project, we can’t spend 40 hours a week on this project. So it might take a little longer to get all businesses in here, but we will include all businesses we can find.

As a photographer knowledgeable of copyright laws, we will not use submitted pictures. All pictures on this website will be taken by us. So if you want us to take pictures at your place, you must contact us.
Businesses are welcome to work with me on this page and improve it. 

While I probably could make more money working in Boerne, Fredericksburg, or San Antonio, I found that life is too precious to travel hours a day to work. I found my calling here in Comfort by assisting small businesses get affordable advertisements and, with that, get more visitors into this town on a low-cost basis.

You as the visitor don’t need to pay for this marketing as you do in many other small towns with increased prices.
I believe my hard work will reach you and bring you to the Comfort, the heart of the Hill Country.

When you visit Comfort, you will be welcomed by the community as one, not just by one business that wants your money and will send you on your way home. We are a community like I haven’t seen anywhere else.
Just Chillin in Comfort is a local wine bar with live music on the weekends.
Food for the Soul Bistro is a small bistro with a lunch menu and a Friday night steak dinner.

And with that, you already saw our first sponsors that made this website possible.

Some pictures of Comfort and surrounding

Wine tasting at Just Chillin in Comfort